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How to create your own pension or “Guaranteed Paycheck for Life’. 

There is ONLY one Financial Tool offered to Individuals or Couples, that creates a Guaranteed Paycheck for Life, and can also be thought of as a “Do-It-Yourself Pension''; it's called an Annuity.  

An Annuity is instrumental to having a “Secured Retirement,” for many reasons. One of the most important,  is that most employers in the Private Sector don’t provide or even offer Pensions anymore. Typically, if employees are offered anything, it is a 401(k) that is essentially a “giant bag of money” you have to figure out on your own how to create revenue for as long as you live using the 4% Rule. Annuities are the ONLY Financial Tool we know of that can mimic what a Pension does. 


What is an Annuity?

Annuities are one of the oldest ways in history that civilization has used to create Guaranteed Paychecks for Life. Individual or Joint Survivor Annuities, both guarantee to pay until the day you or your spouse dies,  no matter how they are structured.  An annuity lasts for your entire life once you start using it, no matter how long you live, again, Guaranteed income.


There are several different types of Annuities.

The following Annuities are designed for the MOST Guaranteed Income for Life.


  • Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) – This is mostly used  for converting a 401(k) or IRA account into a “Guaranteed Paycheck for Life”


  • Deferred Immediate Annuities (DIA) –Payouts for DIA annuities are deferred for a determined amount of time. For example, if you had a 10yr Deferred Immediate Annuity with a 30 yr Payout, you would not receive any Income for 10 yrs.  And then that income would pay out on a Guaranteed Basis for the length of time you determine.  We used 30 yrs in this example for a 65 yr old retiree.


  • Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) – These annuities are used to create Guaranteed Income for Life or a shorter time frame.  These are often used as a tool to fund other financial instruments, like Tax-Free Life Insurance Policies with LTC and/or Chronic Illness Riders built into them.  The Cash Value inside these Policies can typically be accessed Tax-Free.


Who Offers Annuities? 

Annuities are typically only offered by Life Insurance companies, which happen to be some of the biggest and safest companies on the planet financially.  Many annuities sold for Guaranteed Income for Life are called Indexed Annuities. Life Insurance companies can Guarantee a Paycheck for Life, no matter how long you live for multiple reasons. Life Insurance companies have very strict reserve requirements compared to banks.

Hundreds of  banks went out of business after the 2008 stock market meltdown whereas  ZERO Life Insurance Companies went out of business. This is because the Reserve Requirements are less stringent for a bank than a Life Insurance company. 


  • Most Financial Tools do NOT have Guarantees.  The stock market certainly does not.

  • Risk Based Capital – This is the “secret sauce” that sets Life Insurance companies apart from banks.  Banks don’t have the same stringent reserve requirements a Life Insurance company has to back “Guarantees.” This is HIGHLY REGULATED.


What is Risk-Based Capital?

For every $1 in liabilities a Life Insurance company has on the books, that company must have to reserve around $3 to $4 in Liquid (Cash) Assets. This 3:1 or 4:1 Ratio is termed “Risked Based Capital” and is more important than financial ratings. Banks typically only have to have between around 8% to 10% of their deposits in liquid assets, whereas a Life Insurance Company has 300% to 400% more Assets than liabilities in the bank. This is why no Life Insurance companies have gone out of business during many recessions and why they can Guarantee a Paycheck for Life.


How Safe are Annuities?

Almost all Annuities are backed by A Rated Life Insurance companies that have been in business for 100 to 150+ years and Guarantee you receive a Paycheck for Life. Even B Rated companies that have  this same Guarantee is arguably the BEST Guarantee you can get in the Financial World.


The BIGGEST RETIREMENT CONCERN Most people have is running out of money before they die. Annuities create your own pension and guarantee a DIY Secured Retirement. 

Pensions from Employers are disappearing. The government still offers them, but they are almost half of the National Debt, so they could be obsolete in the near future, in some government sectors. Most Employers still offer a 401(k), 403(b) or other types of Qualified Retirement Plans, which are to be used for Income in your Retirement Years. To illustrate how this works; pretend you have a 401(k).  The intent for your 401(k) is to accumulate your large “bag or bucket” of money or savings over your working career of 30 to 40 yrs, but does NOT Guarantee this money will last your entire life when used for income in retirement. This is what Pensions were supposed to do, but they are too expensive for most companies to offer anymore.

An Annuity is a financial tool used to Turn your “Bag of Qualified Money” (401k, IRA, 403(b), etc) into a Guaranteed Paycheck for Life that you can NOT outlive by putting a portion or as much needed that will be taxable, to Guarantee the Minimum  Income you need to live comfortably  after retirement. This annuity is then combined with other financial tools that in conjunction will grow your money and Guarantee you never run out during your lifetime. 


  • Annuities can be used for Accumulation as well as Guaranteed Income.  For Accumulation Options, see button CD or Savings Alternatives.


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